Definition of trackpants in English:


plural noun

  • Tracksuit trousers.

    • ‘Nick followed his stare, which led him to a girl, a beautiful girl, with her hair in a ponytail, wearing a bright red tank top and white trackpants.’
    • ‘I'm all changed into trackpants etc to go on the exercycle, but we shall soon see if I actually do it.’
    • ‘Here she wore borrowed trackpants and rubber boots that came up to her knees.’
    • ‘He found Ryder laying on her bed with her eyes closed, her denim skirt replaced with a pair of grey trackpants.’
    • ‘Quietly, so she wouldn't wake her family, Amber dressed in loose trackpants and an old teeshirt, putting a warm sweatshirt over the top.’
    • ‘Her hips were even worse and I couldn't miss the overhang between her top and her trackpants.’
    • ‘In any case, whether you're planning to wear plain sweatpants, tear-aways or trackpants, make sure they're comfortable and encourage breathability.’
    • ‘Even those who claim not to go in for appearance, they're saying something with their trackpants.’
    • ‘He was caught after trying to steal trackpants from a clothesline two days later.’
    • ‘All I wanted was a nice warm pair of trackpants, and maybe a sweater…’