Definition of trackman in English:



  • A person employed in laying and maintaining railway track.

    • ‘Kerala railway workers went on strike and protested outside Kozhikode railway station to demand improved safety and the provision of basic amenities for night-duty trackmen.’
    • ‘In the darkness at around 6am, the trackmen were using petrol-powered generators to light the site.’
    • ‘Millions of pounds have been paid to deaf train drivers, workshop staff and trackmen.’
    • ‘They push carts, assist trackmen and timbermen, shovel dirt and handle material, and do other necessary unskilled work about the mines.’
    • ‘At the time I thought he was joking, but I was soon to learn that many of the company's trackmen seldom do even three hours work a day.’
    • ‘In Canada the trackmen, i.e. those who maintained the track, were called sectionmen because a gang of three men and their foreman were responsible for a definite section of track.’