Definition of tracklist in English:


(also tracklisting)


  • A list of songs or pieces of music in the order in which they appear on a recording.

    ‘the tracklist for the new album’
    • ‘The tracklist provides a moody and suitably filmic listen.’
    • ‘The name of the band and the album title are intriguing enough, but a glance at the tracklist and you become hooked.’
    • ‘While this album felt more disparate and less powerful, the tracklist was varied and inventive.’
    • ‘The track list is peppered with impressive guest spots.’
    • ‘There is a sequence and a track list, but these are not songs that need to stand alone.’
    • ‘From an album standpoint, the decision to remove four songs from the original tracklist makes it a marked improvement on the vinyl edition.’
    • ‘As with any best-of album from a band with such a vast output, the final tracklist is bound to be the subject of debate.’
    • ‘The non-chronological tracklist emphasizes the consistency of the band's output.’
    • ‘You don't even need to skip around to sing this album's virtues, you can just go down the track list in order.’
    • ‘They comprise a collection that only skims the surface of his catalog: the tracklist features 16 songs from his 35-year career.’