Definition of tracklayer in English:



  • 1A tractor or other vehicle equipped with continuous tracks.

    • ‘The Holt Tractor Company and the Best Tractor Company both took their heavy commercial tracklayers around 1916 and experimented by adding riveted boilerplates to the tractor chassis.’
    • ‘This recovery system separates collected rubber tracklayers into core metal and rubber, for the purpose of recycling them into iron materials and boiler fuels.’
  • 2North American

    another term for trackman
    • ‘About an hour later, a construction train arrived to unload cheerful gangs of tracklayers and graders, and then pulled away again.’
    • ‘The tracklayers moved forward at a furious pace, often laying down two to three miles of new rail a day, sometimes more.’
    • ‘At Ogallala, Nebraska, milepost 342, on May 27, 1867, they swooped down on the tracklayers while Dodge and government inspectors were present.’
    • ‘Completed and crossed by the tracklayers in November 1866, it was twenty-three hundred feet long.’
    • ‘Then the tracklayers came in, grabbing rails out of horse-drawn carts.’
    • ‘Relief tracklayers were standing by but the first crew was so proud of their work that a rest was not requested.’
    • ‘All the tracklayers were Caucasians and the Chinese simply looked on and cheered their favorite crew.’