Definition of trackie in English:



  • 1usually as modifier A tracksuit.

    ‘trackie bottoms’
    • ‘They've gone for a really ‘modern’ image, with him in a splendid trendy trackie type thing.’
    • ‘4.5 carat gold, trackie trousers tucked into socks, fake Burberry, the lot.’
    • ‘I rushed down in my trackie bottoms to be greeted by a smile from our postie and a nice bulging package hot from the States.’
    • ‘Norman can't actually see you in your winter's best clothing of trackie pants and woolly socks.’
    • ‘I saw a couple today with their trackie tops on, zipped up to the top!’
    • ‘A third guy, who copped a hefty fine and a community-based order on a burglary charge, wandered in wearing an old pair of trackie daks (with a hole in one knee) and a tatty old jumper.’
    • ‘That's right, she was spending more than many of us earn in a month on something to hold her trackie bottoms up.’
    • ‘Then I spot a group of five or six real chavs in hooded tops and trackie bottoms sitting on a wall by a bus stop.’
    • ‘A chap got up to get off - wearing short shorts and a zip-up trackie top with the collar up, brown legs, a flash tennis racquet poking out the top of his sports bag.’
    • ‘Keen to blend Gold Rush-era style with modern practicality, one customer has paired a cowboy shirt with trackie bottoms.’
    • ‘After all, with more people working from home, how much more comfortable is it to pull on a trendy pair of trackie bottoms or jeans than a skirt and tights?’
    • ‘It's great to go round in an old trackie in the evening and come home to bed.’
    • ‘Sometimes when I go, there's a bloke with long hair and he wears a sleeveless vest and trackie bottoms.’
    1. 1.1trackies Tracksuit trousers.
      • ‘I noticed she had her ugg-boots on her feet, and a pair of old trackies and an equally old sweater on.’
      • ‘Quickly, I take off my school uniform and pull on a pair of trackies and a t-shirt.’
      • ‘I don't think I've ever seen quite so many spotty teenagers in baseball caps, hoodies, white trainers and nylon trackies in one place before.’
      • ‘A local night club is holding a special 14 to 18 yr only dance shortly however the management have made it clear that kids wearing hoodies, trainers and trackies will not be let in.’
      • ‘But as Jules tells her mother: ‘Just because I wear trackies and play sport, doesn't make me a lesbian’.’
      • ‘Daniel hurriedly changed into a pair of black trackies and a white-collar shirt.’
      • ‘There are right and wrong trackies, and a right and wrong way to wear them.’
      • ‘Not that I wander around in tweed jackets, nylon trackies or sandals, you understand, but the latest trends in clothing tend to pass me by.’
      • ‘I wore trackies and trainers, my hair swept back.’
      • ‘Mind you, they might have come from work rather than from a day at home studying in trackies…’
      • ‘My crime was that I was not legitimately, gently jogging with my loved one, in matching velour trackies and ‘hi-tops’, to see what the latest offers are in the garden centre.’