Definition of tracker dog in English:

tracker dog


  • A dog trained to pick up and follow a scent.

    • ‘Helicopters and tracker dogs led the search and communications masts sprang up but it was not until the next morning that his body was found.’
    • ‘When few hedgehogs remain in an area, tracker dogs are used to locate those left.’
    • ‘Some dogs also have many applications in work, such as sheepdogs, tracker dogs and sniffer dogs.’
    • ‘But today it is German border patrols, with the aid of modern technologies and packs of tracker dogs, that prevent refugees from coming into the country.’
    • ‘Research suggests that there are many factors that can influence the performance of a tracker dog.’
    • ‘Other immigrants have suffered injuries by police tracker dogs or have been shot by border police.’
    • ‘To uncover refugees, the EU's eastern borders have been equipped with detachments of tracker dogs.’
    • ‘Tracker dogs Meghala and Benzy bagged the second prize in the obedience contests.’
    • ‘His old haunts in the Abbots Road area near the canal were visited around 5am by armed police with tracker dogs.’
    • ‘The unsung heroes in any police set up are the sniffer and tracker dogs.’
    • ‘That year a massive but unsuccessful search was launched in Salcombe by Devon and Cornwall police using tracker dogs and divers.’
    • ‘Cops, with aborigine trackers and tracker dogs, scoured the area.’
    • ‘The most interesting part, however, was the performance by a couple of canines - the sniffer and tracker dogs of the City Police.’
    • ‘The use of helicopters, tracker dogs and E 999 vehicles are critical in this exercise.’
    • ‘Police with tracker dogs later found him walking along the road in Thorpe, just under the intersection of the M25, five hours after the crash.’
    • ‘Police, both British and Belgian, use heart beat monitors, carbon dioxide detectors, tracker dogs and mobile truck scanners to pick up stowaways.’
    • ‘Police said the operation was hampered by a lack of tracker dogs to sniff out bodies.’
    • ‘During that period, more than 30 officers surrounded the canefield and began combing the area with tracker dogs.’
    • ‘They suffered hypothermia, bruises, abrasions, bites from tracker dogs, or were injured in road accidents.’
    • ‘The tracker dog Chikku and the sniffer dog Linda were also displayed at the press conference.’