Definition of tracker in English:



  • 1A person who tracks someone or something by following their trail.

    ‘he operated as a police tracker in the Halls Creek area’
    • ‘Following two expert Waliangulu trackers, we dashed through thick bush to keep the elephant's red, dust covered back in sight as it seemed to float above the gray, leafless Comiphora bush.’
    • ‘Some of us were hunters, trackers, warriors, scouts, and homemakers.’
    • ‘From there, the trackers could follow the trail.’
    • ‘We follow a group of zoologists and trackers into a forest where, spying their quarry, a wild, naked girl, they shoot her with tranquilliser darts.’
    • ‘It is the story of an Aboriginal tracker who guides three police troopers in search of an accused Aboriginal man.’
    • ‘The museum display will tell the story of firemen, policemen, emergency service workers, ambulance workers, trackers - professionals and volunteers.’
    • ‘Aboriginal trackers led the police to his doorstep.’
    • ‘He'll have guards and scouts and trackers out all over the city.’
    • ‘With these professional trackers, we find animals signs everywhere.’
    • ‘She refuses to separate from him even for Coyotito's sake, and so they continue on looping back and forth, making their trail somewhat difficult for the trackers to follow.’
    • ‘Police marksmen with Aborigine trackers were hunting for two dingoes or wild dogs who attacked the boys on Fraser Island, scene of a spate of attacks in recent years.’
    • ‘This would mean that participants could qualify as chefs, skinners, trackers or professional hunters and be recognised for their skills.’
    • ‘Polish border police fighting smugglers of people, drugs, tobacco, nuclear material and weapons are employing American Indian trackers to guard the frontier with Ukraine.’
    • ‘A dozen wildlife trackers and sheriff's deputies had searched more than 24 hours for the animal, which escaped on Monday.’
    • ‘In the following manhunt, police used aboriginal trackers and aircraft to comb an area stretching thousands of miles, but to no avail.’
    • ‘During the search, police used aboriginal trackers and aircraft to search thousands of miles of Outback.’
    • ‘Aboriginal trackers lead the police to the boy, who had stayed behind in town despite the departure of the funfair.’
    • ‘While they are resting during the day, Kino discovers that there are trackers following them.’
    • ‘His body has never been found, despite months of searching that involved police agents, Aboriginal trackers and helicopters.’
    • ‘Whatever the origin, we know the dachshund was developed and refined by the German foresters into an excellent tracker and fearless hunter.’
    1. 1.1A device that follows and records the movements of someone or something.
      ‘electronic trackers are now showing ornithologists where the birds go’
  • 2Finance
    An investment fund that aims to follow in value a stock market index or group of indexes.

    • ‘Structured products such as trackers allow product providers to take out a margin they couldn't otherwise extract.’
    • ‘Over the past year the average active fund is up 24 % before fees compared with a gain of 22 % for the typical tracker.’
    • ‘And that being the case, contributions into a FTSE 100 tracker will therefore be weighted towards the strongest of UK businesses.’
    • ‘In effect, investing in a FTSE 100 index tracker also gives you an indirect investment in China.’
    • ‘By saving money each month in a low-cost index tracker, you can take advantage of rising prices when the markets finally turn the corner.’
    1. 2.1A mortgage or savings product whose interest rate aims to follow a particular public interest rate.
      • ‘You may get a better deal by taking out a tracker mortgage or a loan with a discounted, capped or fixed interest rate.’
      • ‘Someone with a £ 100,000 repayment tracker loan will see their monthly payments go up by £ 14.’
      • ‘Brokers said the move by Permanent TSB comes as Ulster Bank enjoys huge success with a tracker product even though it is restricted to lowrisk borrowers with healthy loan-to-value ratios.’
      • ‘The loan itself is paid off by an alternative investment, such as an index tracker within an ISA wrapper that you're expected to set up.’
      • ‘Ulster Bank's tracker mortgage in this sector is, again, the cheapest, at 1.05 per cent above the ECB rate.’
  • 3Music
    A connecting rod in the mechanism of an organ.

    • ‘The tracker mechanism continued in use into the 19th century and has been revived on present-day organs because it gives an immediacy of touch from key to pipe.’
    • ‘Fritts's are tracker organs, which create sound by a series of levers, springs, and push rods that open valves in a wind-chest to let air pass from bellows to pipes.’
    • ‘In the largest organs the trackers may be tens of metres long.’