Definition of track something in in English:

track something in

phrasal verb

  • Leave a trail of dirt, debris, or snow from one's feet.

    ‘the road salt I'd tracked in from the street’
    • ‘The sickbay floor was spotted with flooring cement and there is a nice brown track where the construction people were tracking dirt in from outside.’
    • ‘At her yell, a large, thick figure came in through the door amidst a large storm's gust of pure white snow, tracking it in with him and battling the wind's strength as he tried to close the door.’
    • ‘They rolled out a carpet on my floors so they weren't tracking dirt in every trip in or out of the house.’
    • ‘They keep tracking muck in the house and onto my newly mopped floors and leaving the doors open so all of the heat escapes to the outdoor winter wasteland.’