Definition of track someone/something down in English:

track someone/something down

phrasal verb

  • Find someone or something after a thorough or difficult search.

    ‘it took seventeen years to track down the wreck of the ship’
    • ‘Once again, your only problem will be trying to track down a copy!’
    • ‘Video footage can be an extremely useful tool in helping the police track down criminals.’
    • ‘Major advances in forensic science could help police track down the killer of a newborn baby murdered four years ago.’
    • ‘The medals of a war hero have been returned to his family after a four-month police search to track them down.’
    • ‘He lay unconscious for five hours before a 40-strong search team tracked him down.’
    • ‘After she died, I tracked down what happened after I left my home.’
    • ‘If done properly, DNA evidence can be a powerful tool in tracking down criminals.’
    • ‘The school is investigating the incident in a bid to track down the culprit.’
    • ‘Police have still not tracked down her murderer.’
    • ‘She was shouting something about tracking down the culprit, inflicting justice upon them.’
    discover, detect, find, find out, hunt down, hunt out, unearth, uncover, disinter, turn up, dig up, seek out, ferret out, root out, nose out, bring to light, expose, recover, capture, catch, smell out, sniff out, run to earth, run to ground, run down
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