Definition of tracheotomy tube in English:

tracheotomy tube


  • A breathing tube inserted into a tracheotomy.

    • ‘Next week, surgeons will insert a tracheotomy tube into his throat, which will stay in place for the next 18 months.’
    • ‘The surgery was his second major operation since his birth a tracheotomy tube was fitted into his throat after he developed problems with his breathing in February.’
    • ‘NHS advice warns parents about fur, feather, grit or sand getting inside the tracheotomy tube, and suggests covering the opening loosely with a scarf.’
    • ‘Nine-year-old Eve from Yeadon has Treacher Collins Syndrome and currently breathes through a tracheotomy tube.’
    • ‘Some are potential candidates for one or more surgical procedures to expand the upper airway, with the goal of removing the tracheotomy tube.’
    • ‘The tracheotomy tube was subsequently removed, leaving a scar which was also rather unsightly and may require revision surgery by the plastic surgeons.’
    • ‘He, of course, is at higher risk because of his previous treatment, previous treatment for cancer, his age and the presence of his tracheotomy tube.’
    • ‘The effects of lung inflation were assessed in each condition by occluding the tracheotomy tube at end expiration for three consecutive respiratory cycles.’
    • ‘Immediate after-care, including daily stoma care, suctioning, and change of tracheotomy tube were all conducted under strict protocols of hygiene and sterility.’
    • ‘A constant flow of gas was directed across the inlet of the tracheotomy tube via a ‘t tube,’ as described previously and outlined in an online supplement.’
    • ‘After sponging away some accumulated blood she inserted a tracheotomy tube into the incision.’
    • ‘It's pretty hard to understand what he's saying through the tracheotomy tube, especially when he's loaded to the gills.’
    • ‘Twenty-one-year-old Jonaya had been struck down by a rare virus when she was a baby and had lived with a tracheotomy tube in her throat since she was 19 months old.’
    • ‘For the next three weeks he was in a medically induced coma, with a tracheotomy tube in his throat to help him breathe and a chest tube to drain the fluid filling his right lung.’
    • ‘A femoral arterial line, femoral venous line, and tracheotomy tube were placed; the vagi were transected distal to the nodose ganglion.’