Definition of trace-horse in English:



  • A horse put in traces to pull a vehicle.

    • ‘One was that the chestnut trace-horse, who had been unmistakably overworked on the previous day, was off his feed and out of sorts.’
    • ‘Smiting heavily, he apportioned one doom for this one, another for that one, mighty Ares, our trace-horse on the right.’
    • ‘The trace-horses pressed close to the shafts and sticking in the snow kicked it up, hard and glittering as sugar.’
    • ‘Orestes, driving close to the near edge of the turning-post, almost grazed it with his wheel each time and, giving rein to the trace-horse on the right, he checked the horse on the inner side.’
    • ‘Sometimes his children, robed in white, stood with him in the chariot, or rode the trace-horses.’