Definition of trabeation in English:



mass noun
  • The use of beams in architectural construction, rather than arches or vaulting.

    • ‘In our earlier discussion of trabeation, we pointed out the lintel as the weak element of the structure.’
    • ‘The facade faced toward the Forum piazza with 19 columns surmounted on a trabeation.’
    • ‘These include parts of a cornice and trabeation with sculpted round loaves of bread and a large travertine block incised to look like a wicker basket.’
    • ‘At the entrance there is an arch with bas-relieves in the trabeation.’
    • ‘On these columns you can admire Ionic capitals which directly support the trabeation with a mosaic frieze of the V century.’
    • ‘The horizontal shelf above the columns is called the trabeation or entablature.’
    • ‘Although this is only a rough sketch, there is evidence nonetheless of a number of outlines which are of only secondary importance, such as the recipients on the trabeation.’
    • ‘A loggia with arches resting on twin columns but without trabeation supports the roof.’
    • ‘The trabeation was in wood decorated with terracotta, and the roof is double sloped.’
    • ‘Moneo modulates the rectangular openings of this blunt trabeation floor by floor; each level of this outermost skin is set to its own syncopated rhythm.’
    • ‘They refer to windows as ‘glazing’ or ‘fenestration’ and a beam or lintel as ‘trabeation’… Nothing is simply flat, it's ‘planar’ instead.’
    • ‘On the same occasion the cornice and the trabeation were repaired by means of cement mortar.’
    • ‘The façade is crowned by a gable and sub-divided into two orders by a projecting trabeation.’
    • ‘For example, the trabeation traces the church's perimeters, bestowing unity, yet without ever breaking its supports: the diagonal cut of the dome's pillars is particularly eye-catching.’
    • ‘The temple, which is also the symbol of Agrigento, has only four columns and some of the trabeation standing.’
    • ‘And finally right before the La Loggia degli Osii is the crowning touch - a charming 16th century well with columns and trabeation added in the 18th century.’
    • ‘No two of these two-storied colonnades are alike; some have masonry columns or piers; one has monolithic columns; most are arcaded but one has a horizontal trabeation, etc.’
    • ‘Having a knee-bone in your trabeation is quite something.’
    • ‘The trabeation is decored with a frieze in glazed earthenware by Andrea della Robbia who realized also the four rounds with figures of the evangelists placed in the pendentives of the dome.’
    • ‘The Tower with its rectangular shape perfectly fits between the two adjacent buildings and it raises on the arcade's trabeation which is supported by columns and pillars.’


Mid 16th century (denoting a horizontal beam): formed irregularly from Latin trabs, trab- ‘beam, timber’ + -ation.