Definition of toytown in English:



  • 1attributive Resembling a quaint or miniature replica of something.

    ‘below you, far away, was a single toytown rooftop’
    • ‘The toytown shopping park at the bottom of my road has gained yet another cracking addition - an HMV.’
    • ‘The Eagle plays with psychological scale as well; the increasingly fussy, toytown city skyline starts to look like the out-of-kilter element, not the bird.’
    • ‘Through the gap in the bush at the bottom of the garden drives a small miniature milk float like an escape from toytown, it comes halfway up the path, then turns round and disappears through the hole again.’
    • ‘Yet the squalor of this north-eastern corner of Britain's oldest remaining colony comes as welcome relief after toytown Hamilton, the capital, and Bermuda's endless suburban sprawl.’
    • ‘You make NASA look like toytown and you did it from a Dutch barn on a farm just outside Hyrll.’
    • ‘We arrive back at the barn, and our Vgar guide, Anne Marie, drives us to the toytown village of Bour, which she says has ‘one of the world's most fabulous views ’, looking west to Mykines island and, far beyond, distant Iceland.’
    • ‘Westerners need time to adjust to this toytown furniture - it calls for anatomical contortions that a non-yogi may find difficult.’
    • ‘The only rail systems I have encountered without delays are continental systems which either have simple toytown layouts (like the Swiss) or very, very slow trains (like the Italians).’
    • ‘Our group becomes entirely uninhibited as we revel in the thrill of seeing our city laid out like toytown below.’
    • ‘We ended up in Regency Square in their quirky, toytown underground car park, where all the spaces are about two feet wide.’
    • ‘By the time we reached Slavonice, we were well acquainted with the crazy gables, layered up with arches and pediments like toytown building blocks, or flanked with scrolling S's like Quaker wigs.’
    picturesque, charming, sweet, attractive, pleasantly old-fashioned, old-fashioned, old-world
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    1. 1.1 Having no real value, substance, or merit.
      ‘toytown tunes, daft haircuts, and even dafter trousers’
      • ‘Otherwise, his case was plausible, if you discount the toytown security dossier compiled by the internet pirates of Downing Street.’
      • ‘Offering no alternative to the rounds of local privatisation and deregulation, and with no desire to create one, Lib Dems have been happy to push toytown neoliberalism on their luckless voters.’
      • ‘To be honest, I gave up on them around album 5; dismissing them as likeable yet wholly inconsequential practitioners of the art of toytown electronica, all twee bleeps and sing-song vocals.’
      • ‘The toytown politicians who dreamed it up have demonstrated their unfitness to govern us, and should be sent packing at the next election.’
      • ‘The men of respect have graduated from their toytown municipal strongholds, to recreate Palermo in Scotland's capital.’
      • ‘‘Mengnapeel’ traces out a friendly tune with toytown sounds shadowed by tictac pulses.’
      • ‘Or you might wonder what the point is in making a whole movie about these twee and distinctly watery toytown characters.’
      • ‘For them, devolution is little more than a cynical Unionist plot to fob the Scots off with a toytown assembly and suffocate desire for ‘real’ self-rule.’
      • ‘The result is not a million miles distant from 80s toytown, videorama pop.’