Definition of toyshop in English:



  • A shop which sells toys.

    • ‘One was the shape of a lemon and the other a pineapple, an NYPD spokesman said, adding that similar items could be purchased in toyshops.’
    • ‘A ‘deluxe’ version, complete with desk and computer, arrives in British toyshops this autumn.’
    • ‘He worked in a toyshop and was an undistinguished pupil and student, but shone at the Reserve Officers Training Corps.’
    • ‘Then came the long-awaited school holidays; then the competing toyshops and the arrival of early Christmas Cards at the Post Office; and, sure enough, there was the sale of Sorrel at the market on Saturdays.’
    • ‘Other retailers include farm shops, toyshops and schools.’
    • ‘Shoe shops, jewellers, clothes shops and snack bars are everywhere, but toyshops are either well hidden or have been banished.’
    • ‘A large proportion of those offences related to imitation guns that are freely available in toyshops and on market stalls, which are almost impossible to tell from the real thing.’
    • ‘My dad ran a toyshop in Blackpool, but I think that's about as far as the parallels go.’
    • ‘Because I lived in the countryside, and there were virtually no toyshops, I would make my own out of bits of wood.’
    • ‘And although he officially retired from his post of 15 years as manager of Debenham's department store in 1984, he works full-time in a local toyshop.’
    • ‘The town of Westhoughton has got a thriving toyshop and a couple of locksmiths.’
    • ‘This week the toyshops around town are bustling with children.’
    • ‘On the one hand, it remains a traditional English market town, complete with an ancient parish church, three independent butchers, a brewery, a toyshop, a weekly market and a local museum.’
    • ‘‘The bikes are designed for children and are for sale in children's toyshops,’ she said.’
    • ‘She sighed as she walked out of the shop towards the toyshop.’
    • ‘And it is not just specialist toyshops either is it?’
    • ‘They have been busy checking all the toyshops around town in search of the perfect toy.’
    • ‘This also involved building the kids ‘targets’ for weapons practice, as they had been given a toy sword and a toy bow and arrow from the fantastic toyshop in Dunster.’
    • ‘The toyshops, much like the adventure playground leave little to the imagination.’
    • ‘The police and probation service are calling on staff, particularly those working in toyshops, to look out for the tell-tale signs and help prevent a tragedy.’