Definition of toxoplasma in English:



  • A parasitic spore-forming protozoan that can sometimes cause disease in humans.

    Genus Toxoplasma, phylum Sporozoa, in particular T. gondii

    • ‘Infections with bacteria, viruses, and other organisms such as toxoplasma and listeria can all interfere with pregnancy, but none seems to be significant causes of recurrent early miscarriage.’
    • ‘Most of those who acquire toxoplasma in utero are asymptomatic.’
    • ‘But healthy people who do get infected usually have no symptoms and are unaware that they may have cysts containing inactive toxoplasma in their heart, muscles or skin.’
    • ‘A presumptive diagnosis of toxoplasma may therefore be made, although the underlying lesion may be due to something else, such as lymphoma or another infection.’
    • ‘It's a topical microbicide and we found that it inhibited malaria and toxoplasma.’