Definition of toxigenic in English:



  • (especially of a bacterium) producing a toxin or toxic effect.

    ‘a toxigenic strain of E. coli’
    • ‘They say that the increased risk might be associated with toxigenic species of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, which grow well in body fluids that contaminate mattresses.’
    • ‘In addition, toxigenic bacteria that have been implicated in sudden infant death syndrome do reside in used infant mattresses.’
    • ‘Another grain mold, Penicillium grain mold (Penicillium ear rot), can cause embryo discoloration known as ‘blue eye’ and lead to the production of penicillic acid, which is not usually a toxigenic concern.’
    • ‘Exposure to toxigenic spores, which circulated from unfiltered gravity-fed air heating systems, combined with environmental tobacco smoke, was linked with acute pulmonary hemorrhage among the infants.’
    • ‘Several species of fungi that colonize corn produce mycotoxins, however not all isolates of a toxigenic species produce mycotoxins and isolates capable of producing a mycotoxin do not always synthesize the toxin.’
    • ‘Undiluted and diluted cell free filtrates of isolates and known toxigenic and non-toxigenic bacteria were added to Vero cell monolayer in microtitre plates.’
    • ‘Of the 32 babies Dearborn and his colleagues have treated, he says, ‘Ninety percent have come from water-damaged homes containing toxigenic fungi and environmental tobacco smoke.’’
    • ‘Interestingly, some toxigenic strains of clostridial species other than C botulinum are capable of producing botulinum neurotoxin.’
    • ‘The dead spores are still allergenic and toxigenic.’
    • ‘At the time of venous blood drawing, these individuals did not present the neurological and behavioral symptoms found in patients exposed to toxigenic molds.’
    • ‘Simultaneous detection of antibodies against both toxigenic fungi and their mycotoxins may indicate occupational exposure to molds and their metabolites in a subpopulation of individuals exposed to molds.’
    • ‘Bordello et al. were the first to demonstrate C. perfringens enterotoxin with high counts of toxigenic organisms in patients with diarrhoea after antibiotic treatment.’
    • ‘Blood samples were drawn from the patients and from 40 age- and sex-matched control subjects who had no history of exposure to toxigenic indoor molds or symptoms associated with such exposure.’
    • ‘There, by colonizing the peanut pod zone, the mold becomes a living shield against toxigenic fungi.’