Definition of toxicant in English:



  • A toxic substance introduced into the environment, e.g. a pesticide.

    • ‘While I have focused on insecticide resistance, Drosophila species have been shown resistance to other toxicants, including phytotoxins in their natural diet and certain metal ions whose presence has increased in the environment.’
    • ‘As is mentioned in other sections of this bulletin, some fish toxicants and herbicides are more effective when the water temperature is above 60 degrees F in the top two feet.’
    • ‘As described there may also be a trapping zone into which the insects fall and come into contact with a fluid, a powder, a desiccant, a chemical toxicant or a sticky surface.’
    • ‘In this study, the immunogenetic profiles of two fish populations that differ dramatically in exposure to environmental toxicants and parasite loads are compared.’
    • ‘To identify these predictive genes, classic toxicants must be analyzed to determine the most appropriate genes that will represent each class of chemical or toxic end-point.’
    • ‘The numbers might not add up because some chemicals fit into more than one category, for example, they might be carcinogenic and be suspected respiratory toxicants.’
    • ‘They've also gained notoriety as New York's number one source for releases of suspected endocrine, gastrointestinal, liver, cardiovascular, kidney, respiratory and reproductive toxicants as well as neurotoxins.’
    • ‘All of them are pesticides whose prized qualities - longevity and toxicity - make them formidable environmental toxicants.’
    • ‘However, relatively little is known about toxicological interactions between these toxicants.’
    • ‘Or does a large surface area per unit mass make those particles robust vehicles for ferrying toxicants such as metal atoms deep into the lungs?’
    • ‘Human beings are exposed to a wide variety of environmental toxicants or carcinogens and there exists an inter-individual variation in sensitivity to a particular toxicant to which they are exposed.’
    • ‘Use zinc phosphide during fair weather to protect the toxicant from moisture.’
    • ‘Final concentrations of these toxicants met World Health Organization guidelines for safe drinking water, Allgood notes.’
    • ‘In addition, the sensitivity of the assay may be compromised when embryos are exposed for long periods to toxicants which may result in the dilution of the induced damage and increase the risk of pathological effects.’
    • ‘Abnormal interruption of these integrated signaling pathways by food-related and environmental toxicants results in diseased states, such as cancer.’
    • ‘Is it possible to determine the fate of toxicants and the presence and efficiencies of detoxification systems in rotifers?’
    • ‘As a result, there were changes in the number of visits for some conditions that were so abrupt that it seems implausible that an environmental toxicant could be the cause.’
    • ‘The most recently regulated pollutants are toxicants.’
    • ‘They are more heavily exposed to toxicants in the environment because, pound for pound, they eat more food, drink more water, and breathe more air than adults.’
    • ‘Therefore, D. melanogaster can be a sentinel organism for long-term release of toxicants into the environment.’
    poison, toxin
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Late 19th century: variant of intoxicant, differentiated in sense.