Definition of towplane in English:



  • An aircraft that tows gliders.

    • ‘Do not leave any loose towropes at the edge of the glider operations area at the end of the day - all are to be coiled and stowed in the towplanes.’
    • ‘Once released from the towline, the towplane quickly broke left and headed back to Ball.’
    • ‘Takeoff finally began around 3: 00 P.M. with the towplanes and tethered gliders staggered on either side of the runway as far as you could see.’
    • ‘We were still on course for Salem, when the towplane made a right turn and headed directly at Boston.’
    • ‘Once we hit 300 feet or so, Drew gave me the controls and I followed the towplane back to Hollister.’
    • ‘It was very easy to keep the position behind the towplane, and the Dicus 2 flew very stable.’
    • ‘We were first off on tow and shortly after the towplane turned toward Pikes Peak, the air began to get rougher and holding position on tow more difficult.’
    • ‘During the winter months skis are often installed on one of the towplanes.’
    • ‘The tow rope remains attached to the towplane as it returns to the ground.’
    • ‘That's the towplane behind the nose tube, and that green knob is the tow release, which I will pull to disconnect the tow line when the tow pilot waves me off.’
    • ‘If there is no crosswind hold your breath if you have to but resist the temptation to close your eyes or to fly higher than normal to avoid the dust before the towplane lifts off.’
    • ‘I'm just wondering if the procedure is the same as it is for real gliders and towplanes.’
    • ‘You will pay a tow fee for each flight you take in order to cover costs of our towplanes.’
    • ‘If the towplane can rock you off they will, however, if they must they will just give you the rope.’
    • ‘An upset occurs when the towed glider kites upward lifting the tail of the towplane until the weak link breaks.’
    • ‘A piece of plastic sheet on the ground behind the towplane really helps the whole process.’
    • ‘At all times the sailplane must be level with or above the towplane and always on the outside of a turn.’
    • ‘The encampment did not need to wait months for Rocky Mountain Region CAP to acquire gliders & towplanes (if available at all) or train instructors & towpilots (perhaps only minimally).’
    • ‘Today saw the first use of the ‘low-noise’ propeller for our high-powered Pawnee 260 towplanes.’
    • ‘The glider is nearly airborne while the towplane continues to accelerate to a safe rotation airspeed.’