Definition of town mayor in English:

town mayor


  • The chairperson of a town council.

    • ‘Following the publication of the results the town mayor said that he was very disappointed.’
    • ‘Former town mayor and tireless campaigner David Wright has resigned from Dunmow Town Council due to ill health.’
    • ‘I wish I could become a town mayor to improve the circumstances.’
    • ‘The following morning I recounted the episode to the town mayor, Jan Svoboda.’
    • ‘Earlier in the year, the then town mayor Ken Poulton called for a night time curfew on under-16s.’
    • ‘Now town mayor Ken Poulton has threatened to call for a night-time curfew similar to that imposed in Teeside to keep youngsters off the streets.’
    • ‘This year's historic Colchester feast, hosted by the town mayor Chris Hall, has taken the theme Freedom of the Spirit.’
    • ‘The planned six-month stint quickly turned into two years as Trevor built up a strong bond of friendship with everyone from under-privileged children to the town mayor.’
    • ‘He will be accompanied by Coun Susan Cooksley, the town mayor.’
    • ‘Still, there are some enjoyable moments, not least Warren Clarke's likeable turn as the town mayor.’
    • ‘The news has, over the years, been great in uncovering scandal and evil in government, at all levels, from the town mayor to the presidents of the United States.’
    • ‘The town mayor also reminded the councilors that they would soon be going on the husting for the local elections.’
    • ‘Mr Walton and nine other town criers from across the north of England will be promoting Keighley businesses during the St George's celebrations to raise money for the town mayor's charities.’
    • ‘Mrs Tearle, a former town mayor and ex-chairman of Braintree District Council, called it a slur on the fair name of Witham at a time when she and the council were trying to raise its profile.’
    • ‘Our town mayor was an extremely angry and upset woman when I spoke to her within hours of that convention ending, and she then stressed to me that she would now have to consider ‘all options’ open to her.’
    • ‘He will also be retiring from his role as official sword bearer for the town mayor.’
    • ‘Deputy town mayor Cathy Bowyer said the licence should not have been granted to a pub in a residential area.’
    • ‘As a temporary solution the town mayor has agreed to employ two security guards at the hospital and supply 200 litres of diesel a month for the hospital generator until the power lines are restored.’
    • ‘But town mayor Gordon Jefferies admitted it was a delicate situation.’
    • ‘The local town mayor said the bullets were meant for her.’