Definition of town camp in English:

town camp


  • An Aboriginal camp in or near a town.

    ‘an officer has re-engaged over 60 young Indigenous people with the education system, many of them from town camps’
    • ‘She identified a glaring need for those kids living in town camps to have access to education in a setting away from the mainstream system.’
    • ‘Denise was born here and grew up in one of the town camps.’
    • ‘The majority of town camps have Arrente residents, many of whom are traditional owners or descendants of traditional owners of Alice Springs and its immediate surrounds.’
    • ‘Currently, about 3500 people live in the town camps, about 2000 of them permanent residents.’
    • ‘I am frustrated that after so long there has been no physical progress made to relieve conditions in the town camps.’
    • ‘Many town camp residents have at some stage in their lives either been evicted by Territory Housing or abandoned their Territory Housing tenancy in the face of imminent eviction.’
    • ‘Each town camp comprises a largely distinct Aboriginal community organized along language and kinship lines.’
    • ‘Once worthless pieces of land on the fringes of Alice Springs, town camp communities today are valuable pieces of real estate, as the town has swollen around them.’
    • ‘Today there are eighteen separate town camp communities throughout Alice Springs, with 204 houses.’
    • ‘Without the town camps, homelessness in Alice Springs would be a real national emergency.’
    • ‘The town council has no way of providing services inside town camps as they are private property.’
    • ‘I expect that the men, women and children that live in the town camps are even more frustrated.’