Definition of towering in English:



  • 1Extremely tall, especially in comparison with the surroundings.

    ‘Hari looked up at the towering buildings’
    • ‘It wasn't the normal, dark, towering building, but a tall, skinny, grayish color that looked like it had rotted from the inside.’
    • ‘Atop the mountain, more towering buildings reach up into a polluted blue sky.’
    • ‘He was surrounded by tall skyscrapers, their towering heights lost in the inky blackness of a night sky.’
    • ‘The castle was a pure sandstone building with enormous towering pillars and high arches and courtyards.’
    • ‘As if to literalize the longing of the title, a breathtakingly extended axle-like element joins a towering wheel to a tall woven hive shape.’
    • ‘At a towering two metres tall, her portrait dominates one of the principal rooms of the National Gallery of Scotland with an imperial presence.’
    • ‘While, as towering buildings, churches even today have an intrinsic power, this exists because of their architecture rather than in the meaning they might convey to us.’
    • ‘It was now extremely dark as the towering, derelict offices clouded away the sky.’
    • ‘The enormous skyscrapers and attendant monorails were supplanted by palaces and town houses circumscribed by high walls, towering railings and tall trees.’
    • ‘The window screen was completely enveloped with the dull metal landscape of a huge city of towering buildings, no doubt Capital City.’
    • ‘Although it lies surrounded by an imposing circle of towering mountains, Leh was an important place on the silk route to Yarkhand in China.’
    • ‘Peeking out from around the building, he saw before him the towering Keep, surrounded by the inner walls.’
    • ‘The South mill complex, with its towering 225 ft tall chimney, is empty and has fallen derelict while one grandiose scheme after another hit the dust.’
    • ‘For ever since I saw that birthday cake - towering and tall - I have never been able to replicate its height.’
    • ‘I gave them each a glare and turned my attention towards the tall, towering doors that would soon open to reveal my parents.’
    • ‘The trees were tall and towering though there was a stump in the middle where a tree had been felled.’
    • ‘Its plaza principal is a huge site surrounded by towering structures.’
    • ‘A stunned gaze caught sight of that old wreck of a home, seeing the outline of the tall and towering buildings just at the western horizon.’
    • ‘It is broad daylight, and the Professor is peering through rain-soaked windows at towering black canyons so tall they blot out the sky.’
    • ‘In a taxi in Mumbai, she sat quietly on the back seat awestruck by the towering buildings almost touching the sky on either side of the road.’
    high, tall, lofty, elevated, soaring, sky-high, sky-scraping, steep, mountainous, imposing, multistorey
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  • 2Of great importance or influence.

    ‘a majestic, towering album’
    • ‘We devote four articles to this subject of towering importance.’
    • ‘Instead we should view promises, and other people's rights, as of such towering importance that they are basically invulnerable to the calculus of social interests.’
    • ‘Two very different comedians, two towering influences the impish Carson and the caustic Pryor, passed away in 2005.’
    • ‘The second film in the trilogy is a towering achievement which actually surpasses the original in terms of spectacle, scale and emotion.’
    • ‘No, today is a day to celebrate the towering human spirit that exists in this one woman.’
    • ‘The album itself doesn't register as a towering artistic achievement, just a reasonably good set of pop songs.’
    • ‘Legendary rock guitarist Gary Moore returns from a bout of the blues to his roots and, like the title of the album, he bares his soul and his towering talents with something a few riffs short of a musical masterpiece.’
    • ‘The 2003 festival is no exception, offering a towering series of art exhibitions and workshops.’
    • ‘Willie Ryan in the Portarlington back-line was a towering influence and had a great game.’
    • ‘For Brown, the goal was merely the most expressive part of a towering performance of assurance and influence.’
    • ‘The world's largest economy has always been a towering influence over the direction of world stock markets.’
    • ‘Short has underlined his importance to the squad with several towering performances since returning from a knee injury.’
    • ‘Einstein is still a towering figure, Freud a very influential one, Marx has fallen on hard times.’
    • ‘Nanda Devi is the patron Goddess of Gharwal and Kumaon and has been a towering influence on the culture of these twin mountain regions.’
    • ‘To celebrate our towering achievement, here's a photographic tableau of the PDMG as it looked last Sunday, and very early on Monday morning.’
    • ‘But given the towering importance of this issue and how it affects millions of workers directly, the turnout was scandalously small.’
    • ‘An old upright Yankee patrician, a very gentle man in the office of secretary of war, one Henry Stimson, told the president of his good fortune in having for the job a soldier of such towering eminence.’
    • ‘Who transformed you from a lame-duck President appointed by the Supreme Court into a towering wartime leader?’
    • ‘Tracks from a raft of towering, beautifully-crafted LPs bounced majestically off that famous low Fibbers ceiling.’
    • ‘McGrath is a towering intellect and one of the leading theologians in modern evangelicalism.’
    outstanding, pre-eminent, leading, foremost, finest, chief, excellent, distinguished, prominent, eminent, important, major, star, top, topmost, surpassing, superior, supreme, exceptional, stellar, great, incomparable, unrivalled, unsurpassed, peerless, matchless, unequalled, famous, renowned, celebrated, illustrious, extraordinary
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    1. 2.1 Of great intensity.
      ‘his towering anger’
      • ‘In that film, a towering epic of stupidity, the astronauts confront a bunch of super-lame CGI aliens who hold hands and cry.’
      • ‘It positively thunders from the speakers, rising to a towering, epic crescendo of hissing guitar and soaring choruses.’
      extreme, fierce, terrible, intense, overpowering, mighty, violent, fiery, unrestrained, vehement, passionate, ardent, immoderate, intemperate, inordinate, frenzied, fanatical, zealous, frantic, deep
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