Definition of tower of silence in English:

tower of silence


  • A tall open-topped structure on which Parsees traditionally place and leave exposed the body of someone who has died.

    • ‘These are pictures of the rotting dead bodies of Parsees from the insides of the towers of silence in Mumbai.’
    • ‘As events move from backwards and forwards in time, a young man remembering the impression his mother's death left on him as a child, explains the significance of her bizarre funeral rites as her body is placed on top of a tower of silence in the tradition of the Zoroastrians.’
    • ‘Their bodies may be buried or cremated or disposed of on the tower of silence, according to the rites of their respective religions or according to any desire expressed by them during their lifetimes.’
    • ‘What we do know, however, is that the towers of silence are mentioned in the late Sasanian age, and that the Greek researcher Herodotus of Halicarnassus wrote in the fifth century BCE that the bodies of the Magians (who were not necessarily Zoroastrians) were exposed.’
    • ‘The dead are exposed on ‘towers of silence’ where they are consumed by awaiting vultures.’