Definition of tow-coloured in English:



  • (of hair) very light blonde.

    • ‘She was always waving her red hands about, either gesticulating, or setting to rights her coarse, straight, tow-coloured locks.’
    • ‘‘Well, all right,’ answered Anson, going over in his turn and looking down at the white face and tow-coloured hair of the little stranger.’
    • ‘Tall and gawky as he was in person, with tow-colored hair, and a scanty suit of shabbiest homespun, his appearance excited astonishment or ridicule wherever he went.’
    • ‘She had tow-colored hair that was chopped short, and a pale pitiful little face.’
    • ‘Abbershaw nodded and stared covertly at the fresh-faced young man with the tow-coloured hair and the foolish, pale-blue eyes behind tortoiseshell-rimmed spectacles, and wondered where he had seen him before.’
    • ‘He was very blond and his tow-colored hair usually fell in a lock over his left eye.’
    • ‘Women, with a large face and tow-coloured hair, were rather stout, and used to cover their head and shoulders with wide foulards and long scarves like our women usually do in winter.’
    • ‘The blue eyes into which Betty turned to look were honest, too, and the shock of tow-colored hair and the half-embarrassed grin that displayed a set of uneven, white teeth instantly prepossessed the girl in favor of the speaker.’
    • ‘Framed by a shock of sandy hair falling to his shoulders, and by an unkempt, tow-coloured beard, his eyes shone out in the firelight over his cheek-bones, with the cavernous brilliancy of an owl's.’
    • ‘Prairie Crawford's image, her long, tow-colored hair, and her flapping clothes, came and went quickly.’
    • ‘He was a wicked looking youngster, with green eyes, tow-coloured hair and a ferrety expression.’
    • ‘Not much else of his features could be discerned, hidden as they were by an enormous tow-colored beard.’
    • ‘But Rose-Marie's ears were already deaf to all things save self-congratulation; for sitting in the middle of the highway, playing contentedly with the dust and some faded buttercups, was a white-pinafored baby with a mop of tow-coloured hair tied over one temple with a pale-blue ribbon.’
    • ‘He scorned a cap, as they all did, but every morning he carefully combed his wiry, tow-coloured hair and subdued it with pomade.’
    • ‘Nimitz, calm in demeanor and courteous in speech, with blue eyes, a pink complexion, and tow-colored hair turning white, was a fortunate appointment.’
    • ‘They saw simply a loose, lank youth with tow-colored sunburned hair and a berry-brown, ingenuous face that wore a quizzical, good-natured smile.’
    • ‘We think of the slave-boys looking very clean and good, like those cherubs with red cheeks and tow-colored hair on Christmas cards.’
    blond, blonde, yellow, yellowish, golden, flaxen, light, light brown, light-coloured, strawberry blonde, platinum, ash blonde, bleached, bleached-blonde, sun-bleached, peroxide, bottle-blonde
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