Definition of touristy in English:



  • Relating to, appealing to, or visited by tourists (often used to suggest tawdriness or lack of authenticity)

    ‘a touristy shopping street’
    • ‘I love the winding streets, and I know it's heavily touristy, but I just love it.’
    • ‘I did a very touristy thing - visited an art gallery.’
    • ‘This is as touristy as it gets on Tobago, with a few tour buses and a handful of beach shacks selling souvenirs - more like a quiet off-season day in any other part of the Caribbean.’
    • ‘It's very odd there's men in fluorescent vests who keep blowing whistles, presumably whenever a tourist does something a bit too touristy.’
    • ‘The previous night, I had cruised the Sound on a tired and touristy overnight boat trip, peering through the drizzle at the New Zealand icon and wondering what all the fuss was about.’
    • ‘It is nothing like the busy metropolis of Atlanta nor the more touristy mountain vacation areas of the southeast.’
    • ‘Instead, she suggested three relatively touristy alternatives.’
    • ‘Some of them you could tell were recent and touristy, but others looked pretty authentic.’
    • ‘You can't walk down the streets in the touristy harbor front area without being accosted by ambitious salesmen insisting you order a suit from the tailor they represent.’
    • ‘‘We had visited the pyramids and done all the rest of the touristy things,’ he said.’
    • ‘Parliament Street is the natural end to the touristy stroll down Temple Bar, so you may not be as lucky.’
    • ‘We had another good touristy day today, visiting a few galleries, beaches and the like.’
    • ‘We hadn't wanted to do any evil touristy day tours as such, but it was the easiest thing for this particular location.’
    • ‘But this weekend, while visiting New York, I had one touristy thing I desperately wanted to do.’
    • ‘Spending your vacation in the great outdoors is a much better alternative than staying cooped up in a hotel room or visiting touristy theme parks.’
    • ‘First of all, there's the absurdity inherent in making a touristy tour thing out of something so very serious and depressing.’
    • ‘It was touristy, but not developed like tourist towns in the U.S.’
    • ‘On Wednesday we were going to do a touristy sight seeing bus tour thing, to get our bearings, but then we hit on the idea of doing the whole city on rollerblades.’
    • ‘We gave up on touristy things as the tourist office closes at the weekend.’
    • ‘Its also become a little touristy, and I think only more and more tourist will want to come here as the rest of Cape Town's tourist industry commercializes.’