Definition of tour guide in English:

tour guide


  • A person employed to show tourists around places of interest.

    ‘our tour guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining’
    • ‘During their stay in the wilderness, children are escorted by professional tour guides on excursions.’
    • ‘Reluctantly assigned as Hiro's driver and tour guide, Sandy makes a few stabs at connection with the man, but treats their relationship as something to be endured.’
    • ‘We crept on tip toes into the middle of a tour group who'd obviously paid good money for their scholarly tour guide.’
    • ‘She looked exceptionally forlorn when the tour guide reminded us we had to descend by the same passage.’
    • ‘The tour guide panicked; this was not part of the anticipated scenario.’
    • ‘Sadly Mariah was hardly the best of tour guides, rushing through the majority of rooms.’
    • ‘Times have changed, their tour guide grimly informs them.’
    • ‘In more experienced hands, this could have been a real theatrical adventure but for much of the time, I felt like a tourist being herded around by an inept tour guide.’
    • ‘What would you say if a tour guide leading you through the Rocky Mountains constantly pointed out roadside ant hills?’
    • ‘Elaine turned away and walked towards the other tourists who were clustered around the tour guide.’
    • ‘As a tour guide, he makes a good living on the tips he gets from the tourists he shepherds around.’
    • ‘The younger son works as a tour guide for a holiday company, and lives with his family a ten-minute drive away.’