Definition of touchscreen in English:



  • A display device which allows the user to interact with a computer by touching areas on the screen.

    • ‘Mobile phone input devices to date include the keypad, touchscreen and voice recognition.’
    • ‘The first thing you'll notice about playing any DS game is that the lower touch screen is extremely responsive.’
    • ‘He had just purchased a new computer with a touchscreen monitor, and he needed help installing the software.’
    • ‘The device can also be connected to a special keyboard, or users can write on the touchscreen, which will convert script into text with proprietary software.’
    • ‘All the classrooms have a whiteboard with a touch screen and can run any software from a computer.’
    • ‘This game looks great and makes use of the touchscreen.’
    • ‘Newer models of viewfinders even let you add effects to your video via an LCD touch screen while you are filming.’
    • ‘If you'd prefer, there are other control configurations available, one of which doesn't use the touchscreen.’
    • ‘You pay, and also enter the combination, on a touchscreen near the locker.’
    • ‘The user-friendly touchscreen will display details in English, Tamil and Malayalam.’
    • ‘Each kiosk allows a customer to place an order directly with the kitchen, using a touchscreen with pictures of food, English or Spanish text and verbal prompts.’
    • ‘Compared to a touchscreen, these displays only react to the special stylus, not to the user's hand or finger.’
    • ‘You can use the touch screen to move the ideal landing position of your shot, and you can also select clubs from your virtual caddy via the stylus.’
    • ‘Operators can use a touchscreen to raise or lower the temperature and to set alarms to warn of malfunctions that may affect the temperature.’
    • ‘It can only tell a voter whether the data sent to the printer is the same data he recalls entering at the touchscreen.’
    • ‘The ‘DS’ stands for dual screen - one screen is the main display, and the other is a touch screen.’