Definition of touchingness in English:



  • See touching

    • ‘Besides mastery of composition, pathos, touchingness and power of affecting are also found in them.’
    • ‘Dedication will be made to those who are dear and departed with a touchingness.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the touchingness of the nunchuk scene is undercut slightly by the extreme obviousness of the body double (that wig does not look like her hair).’
    • ‘The familiarity and touchingness of the messages communicated in this particular instance were very remarkable, and can by no means be reproduced in any printed report of the sitting.’
    • ‘Slipping off the chair, Louise stands by the piano, for a complete contrast of a song, Lovers For A Day, which she sang pretty powerfully, and yet proved to switch easily between the powerful anger of the chorus, to the tender touchingness of the sad verses.’