Definition of touchable in English:



  • See touch

    • ‘The corporeal, physical body is the tangible, seeable, touchable body, manifesting the desire of the spirit energy, to see itself manifest into a form that proves and provides its worth to all.’
    • ‘The ‘Other’ was not at a distance but highly visible and touchable as a workmate, a neighbour or a friend with whom close contact was maintained both within and outside the mill.’
    • ‘Canadians spend so much time agonizing over our lack of solid, touchable, definable identity that it has practically become a national pastime.’
    • ‘He was real, huggable, touchable, I saw him smile, heard his laugh.’
    • ‘It supplements the visual experience with auditory commentary, tactile maps, and touchable models to provide information about a room or an exhibit.’