Definition of touch therapy in English:

touch therapy


mass noun
  • A type of therapeutic treatment in which the therapist physically touches the subject in a specific way, including reflexology and various forms of massage.

    ‘I practise reiki, a form of hands-on touch therapy that promotes deep relaxation and healing’
    count noun ‘touch therapies have been effective in reducing physical and emotional stress and physical pain for family caregivers’
    • ‘Swedish massage is a touch therapy that uses a range of techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body.’
    • ‘Proprietors tout the benefits of touch therapy and an open ear.’
    • ‘Nina uses light touch therapy to treat both mental and physical ailments and, she says, bring about self-healing for the client, whatever their particular needs.’
    • ‘The overwhelming sense of well-being and peace that I felt after my first encounter with touch therapy was amazing.’
    • ‘Massage is a healing touch therapy that is not only a wonderfully relaxing experience but also brings countless health benefits.’
    • ‘We use massage and touch therapy, so the client can learn to be in the moment.’
    • ‘Massage and other touch therapies that help alleviate stress are all seeing increased use by sufferers—not as a cure, but to help manage the disease.’
    • ‘The hospice provides many types of care from day care, a hospice at home service, counselling and touch therapies.’
    • ‘I'm all for touch therapies—but it has to be by someone who's really good.’
    • ‘With the new grant, she will continue to study the effects of her touch therapy on patients and build the program.’