Definition of touch down in English:

touch down

phrasal verb

  • 1Touch the ground with the ball behind the opponents' goal line, scoring a try.

    • ‘The pair swapped roles for the second try when Cain, playing at scrum-half, provided the pass for loose forward Ball to touch down under the sticks.’
    • ‘But this sparked the Welsh into life and they scored a wonderful try of their own when scrum-half Gareth Cooper touched down after a flowing passage of play.’
    • ‘He clearly had both feet off the ground as he touched down and I think we got what we deserved.’
    • ‘Francis Meli was twice denied tries by forward passes and scrum-half Lance Hohaia would have touched down, but he grounded the ball short of the line after a fine run and dive.’
    • ‘A try is scored in the usual way by touching down the rugby ball.’
    1. 1.1 Score six points by being in possession of the ball behind the opponents' goal line.
      • ‘If he crossed the goal line near the sideline, a runner might try to fight his way toward the middle before touching down so as to get a better angle.’
  • 2(of an aircraft or spacecraft) land.

    ‘his plane touched down at Nice airport’
    • ‘Tailwheel aircraft might actually touch down tailwheel-first.’
    • ‘The aircraft may have also touched down at a sideways angle.’
    • ‘This is followed by the bump and lurch as the aircraft touches down and the engines roar into full reverse.’
    • ‘Air Force One delivers the American President, and whenever this enormous aircraft touches down or takes off a powerful statement is made.’
    • ‘When his aircraft touched down at Shannon Airport he failed to appear from his vodka-induced slumbers to greet his Irish hosts.’
    • ‘Both engines quit due to fuel starvation when the aircraft touched down.’
    • ‘The areas where the aircraft touched down began to crack and crumble.’
    • ‘Investigators will want to know if the aircraft touched down in the proper place, if other planes had difficulty braking and if pilots were warned of waterlogging.’
    • ‘At first no one thought the spacecraft had even touched down and that's what was reported globally.’
    • ‘We were still turning as we approached, dangerously close to the ground, and touched down heavily.’
    land, alight, come in to land, come down, come to earth, come to rest, put down, make a landing, arrive
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