Definition of touch-sensitive in English:



  • (of an electronic device's interface or display) responsive to touch.

    ‘a touch-sensitive control panel’
    ‘the advent of touch-sensitive computer displays’
    • ‘I'm all for the use of real buttons versus touch-sensitive controls.’
    • ‘Gone is the large green power switch, replaced with a more subtle touch-sensitive power button on the right.’
    • ‘Among the innovations in the device are sensors made of a touch-sensitive artificial skin, thin rubber sheets that contain long microchannels filled with a liquid metal alloy.’
    • ‘The operating systyem is designed to work well with touch-sensitive screens, but the displays add to the cost of a PC.’
    • ‘The set is also pretty easy to operate, via touch-sensitive controls on the speaker or the included remote.’
    • ‘MasterCard launches the 'Display Card' with LCD screen and touch sensitive buttons’
    • ‘It is just wide enough to give an adult male thumb a good grip without too much chance that it'll accidentally tap the touch-sensitive screen.’
    • ‘That mysterious rectangle could be a touch-sensitive panel, or could be a separate display.’
    • ‘There's a home screen with big icons showing which apps are installed, and you navigate using a touch-sensitive screen.’
    • ‘All three models feature touch-sensitive controls mounted on top of their cabinets.’