Definition of toty in English:


adjectivetotier, totiest

Scottish, Northern Irish
  • Very small.

    ‘a toty wee room’
    • ‘If you do it too fast, if your fingers just move and even it is just the totiest wee bit, its tail whished and it was away.’
    • ‘They said it was coffee and then sold you a cup of water with just a toty wee splash of brown stuff.’
    • ‘I'd always assumed that my country was a toty wee place with no political clout.’
    • ‘I expected a big giant of a man and here he was just a wee toty man.’
    • ‘She had a china face and dainty wee toty fingers.’


Early 19th century (in the noun sense ‘little child’): affectionate diminutive of tot.