Definition of tothersider in English:


(also othersider)


  • A person from the eastern states of Australia.

    ‘a tothersider who, in his selfish hurry to make money, would sweat and drive his employees without mercy’
    • ‘The Tothersiders are cutting each others' throats.’
    • ‘No doubt there would be a proposal that the t'othersider must show, before admission, that he was possessed of certain means, and would be prepared to expend them in this colony.’
    • ‘Every boat from the East dumped crowds of Tothersiders ashore at Fremantle.’
    • ‘Her father was not a tothersider: he was born in Pinjarra, in the state's southwest.’
    • ‘He was an unscrupulous Tothersider journalist who was taking mental notes of 'em all the time with an eye to a series of sketches at 30s. a column.’
    • ‘It was, after all, some 6500 kilometres closer to Europe than Sydney and Melbourne, and consequently its citizens remained much closer to Mother England than did 'tothersiders'.’