Definition of totemism in English:



  • See totem

    • ‘I can begin to engage with this metaphysics most efficiently through a consideration of Australian Aboriginal totemism.’
    • ‘In 1888 he contributed articles on taboo and totemism to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, which laid the foundation for his work on primitive religion.’
    • ‘Of course, the reference itself is extremely varied: it is relatively direct in the case of totemism, where the same name designates the totem and the group, and becomes more remote in the case of more advanced religions.’
    • ‘This destabilises the popular notion that the Aboriginal relation to place through totemism and myth is timeless, and it is probably the case that a historicised Aboriginality is harder to negotiate through the land claim process.’
    • ‘The last word, proclaiming the totemism of things that are ‘good to eat,’ is uttered in a cadence of triumph.’