Definition of total immersion in English:

total immersion


  • 1[mass noun] Immersion of the whole body in water, in particular as a form of baptism.

    ‘more than 100 members of the sect were baptised in Florida, undergoing total immersion as is traditional’
    • ‘The church wardens made their inquiries, and came back with the surprising information that baptism should be by total immersion unless sickness prevents this!’
    • ‘Emphasis was on the use of running water, or total immersion in the case of babies.’
    • ‘For the first time in my life, I was living in a sea of believing, faithful Christians, and the cold shock felt like total immersion.’
    • ‘This is a purification ritual demanding total immersion and has parallels with some Christian sects.’
    • ‘In Judaism, for example, one form is total immersion in "living water" - that is, the sea, a river or spring - for restoration of ritual purity.’
    • ‘Modern high-tech acrylics have allowed the casting of baths in just about any shape, with steep sides and plenty of room for total immersion.’
    • ‘Perhaps this was the very place where Paulinus, the Christian priest, first preached, before leading the converts to the River Glen for baptism by total immersion.’
    • ‘There's none of the theatricality of a total immersion baptism or some of the other rites of initiation favoured by other faiths.’
    1. 1.1Complete mental involvement in something.
      ‘the opportunity for total immersion in the language and culture’
      [as modifier] ‘improve your French in a total-immersion course’
      • ‘They praise film for the way it offers total immersion in an imaginative landscape.’
      • ‘There's a sense of total immersion in the period, and of just how exciting and elegant a time this was.’
      • ‘Culinary vacations are about total immersion.’
      • ‘As for Italian, she says she studied the language in "total immersion" by living in Italy for a while.’
      • ‘She was essentially a lonely and insecure woman whose total immersion in work meant that she had few real friends.’
      • ‘At the same time, his total immersion in the military lifestyle had taken root.’
      • ‘Greg believed that the only way to truly understand Afghanistan, with all its contradiction and complexity, was total immersion.’
      • ‘In early total immersion, English-speaking children are immersed in French, their second language, and English is gradually introduced into the curriculum.’
      • ‘He has taken the path of total immersion in Bulgarian life.’
      • ‘The only way he would be able to learn would be total immersion.’
      • ‘Despite her total immersion in a character teetering on the edge, Mattila never loses vocal control.’
      • ‘Total immersion of students into another culture will bring home, in an everlasting way, that people and countries see the world differently.’
      • ‘Rigorous, intense, but intended to be fun, the total-immersion program appeals to emerging dancemakers as well as mid-career professionals.’
      • ‘I enjoy seeing big films on the big screen, so I can enjoy the impact and total immersion.’
      • ‘Go out and learn the language - total immersion works wonders; you may not be able to write great literature, but after a few months you'll at least be able to get by.’
      • ‘The reward is in the doing, in the total immersion in the research, not in the outcome.’
      • ‘He was a strong advocate of local cultural knowledge and "total immersion" during training and operations.’
      • ‘Many of us know from first-hand experiences the outcomes of "sink or swim" or "total immersion" education for language minority students.’
      • ‘The institute runs in-depth, total-immersion semesters for architecture, planning, landscape, and other design students.’
      • ‘I often find that, when people say they didn't enjoy the film it was because they watched it in circumstances unconducive to total immersion.’