Definition of total allergy syndrome in English:

total allergy syndrome


mass noun
  • A condition involving a wide range of symptoms thought to be caused by sensitivity to the chemical substances encountered in the modern environment. Its medical characterization is controversial.

    • ‘Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, also known as chemical hypersensitivity, total allergy syndrome and environmental illness include many medical conditions that share a common characteristic: sufferers become ill from eating, breathing, or absorbing small amounts of widely used ‘safe’ chemicals.’
    • ‘MCS is also known as chemical injury; chemical AIDS; chemophobia; ecologic illness; environmental disease; environmental sensitivity; immune dysregulation; total allergy syndrome; and 20th Century disease.’
    • ‘That statistic only hints at the most extreme examples - potential victims of an illness called ‘total allergy syndrome,’ ‘20th century disease’ ‘chemical AIDS’ or most recognizably, ‘multiple chemical sensitivity’.’
    • ‘Foley found his own colleagues ‘fearful and suspicious’ when he first started discussing MCS, which is also known as environmental illness, ecologic illness, environmental hypersensitivity and total allergy syndrome.’
    • ‘Heather Brown suffers from total allergy syndrome, which leaves her open to attack from common chemicals.’
    • ‘Today some of the best known of these conditions are total allergy syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome (the ‘Yuppie Flu’), and anorexia nervosa and bulimia.’
    • ‘MCS has been described under various names since Theron G. Randolph first described it in the 1940s. Some of the other names include: allergic toxemia, cerebral allergy, ecologic illness, immune system dysregulation, total allergy syndrome, total environmental allergy, 20th century disease.’
    • ‘Among them are environmental illness, ecological illness, total allergy syndrome, the 20 th-century disease, and idiopathic environmental intolerances.’
    • ‘Since 1996 it has been officially called ‘idiopathic environmental intolerance,’ but it has also been labeled environmental illness, toxic injury, chemical AIDS, 20th century disease, total allergy syndrome, chemophobia, sick-building syndrome and toxicant-induced loss of tolerance.’
    • ‘Diagnostic and treatment methods used by ‘clinical ecologists’ on patients with an alleged environmental illness (also known as food and chemical sensitivity, environmentally induced disease, ecologic illness or total allergy syndrome) are expensive, they also lack scientific foundation in detecting adverse reactions to food, and should be avoided.’