Definition of Toryism in English:



  • See Tory

    • ‘With the current wealth-friendly Labour leadership having adopted something rather similar this is no longer an identifying feature of Toryism.’
    • ‘Free market liberal Toryism used to promote One Nation goals: equality of opportunity promoted by the dispersal of power instead of new Labour's top-down approach.’
    • ‘In contrast, today it is peopled by career politicians who gravitated to the party in its days of power, who see it as the means of attaining office, but have no understanding of Toryism.’
    • ‘British Toryism prospered by not being conservative.’
    • ‘Anyway, local-gov Tory isn't like full-blown Toryism.’
    • ‘It means that Toryism is not about one section of society grinding the faces of another section of society, with Tory politicians getting off on the sheer ideological purity and savagery of it all.’
    • ‘What matters is the quality of a character - and it is that temperamental capacity which makes Toryism into something that is plugged into the English mind.’
    • ‘Not content with the evictions and other brutal acts, the landlords in open courts declared that they would exterminate those who opposed Toryism.’
    • ‘It was classic Toryism through and through, including the description of his humble origins combined with the admission that they did not amount to a right to lead his party.’
    • ‘Conservatism in Canada in now consigned to a feeble merger between a western Canadian based version of the Hansonites and the cynical and bony hands of the last vestiges of federal Toryism.’
    • ‘It really is addressing people who need help, which is what Toryism should be about.’
    • ‘Scottish Toryism has simply lost the will to live.’
    • ‘One wonders repeatedly why he bothered, and why he did not turn his obvious abilities to something better, or take his Toryism off to a more promising part of the country.’
    • ‘The collapse of Toryism in Scotland has rendered many of these differences irrelevant but it's still the case that my middle-class Tory friends tend to be Rangers supporters.’
    • ‘He felt he could no longer support the Conservatives but overall he says, it was the difficulty of marrying his own one nation Toryism with the convictions of the paper's owner that ultimately proved insuperable.’
    • ‘‘I want to reassert the tradition of liberal, one-nation Toryism and break with the image of extremism which is threatening our party,’ he said.’
    • ‘When the latest batch of fresh-faced first years arrives, I shall wait on tenterhooks for their response to new, improved Toryism.’
    • ‘Edmund Burke, on the other hand, christened modern Toryism with his assertion that society was based on a set of values and principals which should not be eroded.’
    • ‘There is a similar schism now within British Toryism.’
    • ‘Yet the politics of the area nowadays demonstrate the precariousness of modern Toryism in general, and of Letwin's prospects in particular.’