Definition of torturously in English:



  • See torturous

    ‘a torturously hot day’
    • ‘The charitable institution for poor or orphaned girls of clergyman, run by Mr. Brocklehurst, almost starved it occupants, and was torturously strick.’
    • ‘As I'm towed - we're hoping the boat's movement will attract a nearby pod of whales for me to see - the ice-chilled waters of Hudson Bay torturously infiltrate my wetsuit.’
    • ‘Sadly, I have found not a single short-cut method for this torturously slow process.’
    • ‘Every weekend millions of us are forced to either go home early or face the prospect of a torturously slow journey on a night bus full of barking loons.’
    • ‘The Ibrox manager has lamented a lack of finesse in a squad that is slowly, torturously, playing him out of a job.’
    • ‘His music is played on torturously high rotation on commercial radio, and enough is enough already.’
    • ‘It must have been a torturously laborious undertaking.’
    • ‘Only educated, English-speaking, urban Ghanaians have Internet access, and most of them use torturously slow modem connections.’
    • ‘Rose, a young woman abducted and torturously stashed in earthquake ruins last June, was forced to flee to the countryside after her kidnappers made a second attempt.’
    • ‘We endured frequent and torturously dull mother-daughter chitchats.’