Definition of tortuosity in English:


Pronunciation /tɔːtʃʊˈɒsɪti//tɔːtjʊˈɒsɪti/


  • See tortuous

    • ‘The tortuous course of the splenic artery is considered so variable that no two arteries are alike, but the tortuosity of the artery is absent in infants and children.’
    • ‘Interestingly, they report wind-rose plots indicating that MLCK inhibition substantially reduces cell motility by increasing the directional tortuosity of cell paths.’
    • ‘The tortuosity of the porous network is rationalized in terms of the ultrastructure known from electron microscopy.’
    • ‘This is caused by differences in pore size, the tortuosity of pore channels, and the differential velocity of fluid across pores caused by drag resulting from the roughness of pore surfaces.’
    • ‘Thus the main diffusion hindrance for these molecules should be the tortuosity of the diffusion path.’
    • ‘The tortuosity of the cytosol, due to the presence of t-tubules and mitochondria, will increase the effective distance Na has to travel from one compartment to the other and thus might reduce the apparent D Na.’
    • ‘The permeance is a composite quantity consisting of the diffusion coefficient, the partition coefficient, the membrane thickness, and the tortuosity of the diffusional path length.’
    • ‘Reflux that is associated with significant dilation of the ureter, pelvis and calyces, and ureteral tortuosity.’
    • ‘Retention of the fetal tortuosity, stunted development, or complete absence may involve one or both tubes.’
    • ‘Multiple foci of ectatic sinusoids were present in the lobules, and the hepatic arterial branches showed marked angiomatous dilation and tortuosity with intimal hyperplasia in the portal areas.’
    • ‘The tortuosity, defined as the square root of the ratio of D f to D b, was 2.14 and moderate in magnitude.’
    • ‘When adjusted to account for in vivo tortuosity, diffusion coefficients in gels matched previous measurements in four human tumor xenografts with equivalent collagen concentrations.’
    • ‘Bruits over the aortic area, when they are soft, have no significance; a very loud bruit may represent extensive atherosclerosis, extreme tortuosity of the aorta, or an aortic aneurysm.’
    • ‘We have previously demonstrated that decreases in skin elasticity, accompanied by increases in the tortuosity of elastic fibers, are important early events in wrinkle formation.’
    • ‘Late type I endoleaks occur when the repaired aorta decreases in size and tortuosity, which can cause proximal aortic neck dilatation and resultant loss of seal.’
    • ‘Atheroma is a discrete plaque containing lipid deposits that arises in the intima of an artery and has a predilection for areas of tortuosity and turbulence of blood flow.’
    • ‘Furthermore, when the data for collagen gels were adjusted for area fraction and tortuosity in tumors, the permeability was higher in tumors than in gels of comparable concentration.’
    • ‘Our approach was to describe diffusion in the cell-substratum gap by lumping porosity and tortuosity as an ‘effective diffusion co-efficient.’’
    • ‘Furthermore, theoretical correction of gel diffusion data for the effects of in vivo tortuosity yielded good agreement with in vivo measurements in tumors of comparable collagen concentration.’
    • ‘Permeability changes, however, can merely be inferred, as pore throat sizes and tortuosity cannot be predicted from thermodynamics.’