Definition of tortilla chip in English:

tortilla chip


  • A small piece of a maize flour tortilla which has been fried or baked until crisp, typically eaten as a snack.

    ‘they served tortilla chips with salsa’
    • ‘I had guacamole with tortilla chips, with the authentic taste and consistency.’
    • ‘Wouldn't it be great to have your own private stash of cola and some salsa for your tortilla chips?’
    • ‘The little margarita bar was decked with baskets of fine, not-too-greasy tortilla chips and pots of spicy, fresh-made salsa.’
    • ‘The cheese comes in mild and spicy varieties and can be used on tortilla chips, tacos, potatoes, and many other foods.’
    • ‘It is a no-frills place that immediately distinguishes itself by the three superb salsas that come with slightly greasy but homemade tortilla chips.’
    • ‘Nibbles that were lighter on the wallet included guacamole and tortilla chips, and marinated olives.’
    • ‘You can stay healthy, but good luck avoiding the fried quesadillas and tortilla chips.’
    • ‘He went through about three baskets of tortilla chips.’
    • ‘The dish includes crispy chicken strips with a tangy chili lime sauce and tortilla chips and salsa dressing.’
    • ‘Served with tortilla chips, the melted cheese turned out to be the hit of the party.’