Definition of torte in English:



  • A sweet cake or tart.

    ‘a hazelnut torte’
    • ‘Coffee houses - with the most glorious cream cakes and chocolate tortes in their windows - are everywhere.’
    • ‘And then you all wait - and watch the clock - and watch the 4-top as they ever so slowly pick at the chocolate torte and sip coffee.’
    • ‘We surveyed fancy chocolate cakes glazed and sculpted with dark bittersweet shards of chocolate, and seasonal tortes which featured crisp disks of almond meringue with plump, perfect raspberries.’
    • ‘For those averse to fruitcakes and all that goes into them, there are traditional feather-light sponge cakes in exotic flavours such as the strawberry torte and the egg-less lychee gateaux.’
    • ‘Another neighbor at the potluck had bagged it while the rest of us were finishing a chocolate hazelnut torte.’
    • ‘When ready to bake, heat the oven to 180C, Gas 4 and bake the torte for about 25 minutes until risen and golden brown.’
    • ‘I've made a pie, a cake, a torte, and even a casserole, but it has to be said I've never made a flan.’
    • ‘Some Linzer tortes had also appeared courtesy of our Tennessee contingent.’
    • ‘Mouton calypso is a spicy torte of curried lamb that is very nicely complemented by a sweet pool of coconut crème fraîche.’
    • ‘For dessert there is a wide selection of cakes and tarts such as white and dark chocolate tortes, berry tarts and pecan pie.’
    • ‘Even from there, the odor was pervasive, competing quite successfully against the warm aroma of cinnamon from the plum torte in the oven.’
    • ‘Guess what classic, towering German torten I brought for dessert, attempting to navigate through the crowded buses and hectic sidewalks of Paris?’
    • ‘Desserts offered were a chocolate torte, fresh fruit salad (great, not too many apple slices) and a hot concoction of a light sponge topped with apple and blackberries that had a crunchy crumble thin layer on top.’
    • ‘Favorite desserts include tortes (frosted, multilayered cakes) and kolác (rolls with nut or poppy seed filling).’
    • ‘We decided on afternoon coffee and chanced upon L' Oeuferie which not only had stunning bottomless coffee, but a cake display of particular note - extraordinary apple cakes and blitz tortes.’
    • ‘Back at the table, our desserts arrived. We had ordered blackberry consommé with a pear sorbet and warm dark chocolate torte with fresh mint ice cream.’
    • ‘All over Germany there are Konditorei famous for their torte and kuchen, fruit tarts and pastries.’
    • ‘While I can refuse the warm dark chocolate torte with white chocolate sorbet and the pink grapefruit, orange and mango terrine I am powerless to resist the home-made cookies and ice-cream.’
    • ‘Roasted red leg partridge with a game torte, parsnip galette and truffle Madeira jus.’
    • ‘For dessert we shared the warm chocolate and hazelnut torte with Marsala sabayon and coffee caramel.’


From German Torte, via Italian from late Latin torta ‘round loaf, cake’. Compare with tortilla.