Definition of torsion bar in English:

torsion bar

(also torsion beam)


  • A bar forming part of a vehicle suspension, twisting in response to the motion of the wheels and absorbing their vertical movement.

    • ‘The track and suspension system is fitted with RMSh track and rubber-tyred road wheels, torsion bar suspension with hydraulic telescopic double-acting shock absorbers.’
    • ‘Mechanically simple (apart from a complicated torsion bar suspension system), it happily reminds us of those cars you used to rub up and down on the carpet and then watch fly off into the skirting board.’
    • ‘The running gear has been upgraded for cross country mobility and features six road wheels per side, trailing arm suspension, torsion bar springs, piston dampers, three per side piston bumpers and single pin steel tracks.’
    • ‘The A2's front suspension is MacPherson strut with forged steel wishbones, while at the rear is a hydroformed torsion beam axle.’
    • ‘The design functions similar to a torsion bar suspension, but instead of wheel movement loading the torsion bar, it loads self-contained elastomeric elements within the axle tube.’
    • ‘The fully independent suspension has MacPherson struts at the front with a torsion bar and compound link arrangement at the rear and Tacuma's ride/handling compromise has been achieved with help from Porsche.’
    • ‘European Civics use a simple torsion beam design with coil springs, and gas-charged dampers.’
    • ‘When the driver creates steering input, the ‘resolvers’ measure the amount of twist generated in the torsion bar, end versus end, comparing the readings from both ends of the torsion bar.’
    • ‘Chief Body Engineer Steve Bruford and his pilot plant technicians devised a clever solution in the form of a torsion bar integrated into the left-side pivot point.’
    • ‘The suspension is independent strut/coil springs in front, and a torsion beam in back with an anti-roll bar at each end.’
    • ‘The suspension system consists of a torsion bar, bumper and hydraulic shock absorber on each suspension arm.’
    • ‘The new platform brings an end to the torsion beam rear suspension - long a VW Group favourite.’
    • ‘With torsion bar suspension at the front and leaf springs at the back, it gives a ride very similar to the commercial vehicles of the 1960s, and those prone to backache should abstain.’
    • ‘The running gear has torsion bar suspension with an adjustable damping system and automatic block mechanism without stabilising spades.’
    • ‘It also gave engineers a more stable platform on which to tune the MacPherson strut front and torsion beam rear suspensions, and from which to develop the planned three-door model.’
    • ‘The running gear features torsion bar suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers at one, two and six road wheel stations and tracks with rubber-metallic pin hinges.’
    • ‘The front suspension uses MacPherson struts with offset coil springs and a stabilizer bar; the rear features a semi-independent torsion beam axle.’
    • ‘The suspension system consists of a torsion bar and hydraulic bumper on each suspension arm.’
    • ‘However, it can be packaged with a McPherson strut or other coil-over-damper style units, a remote coil spring, or combined with a torsion bar.’
    • ‘Both provide coil-over-shock independent front suspension for 2-wheel-drive models and torsion bar front suspension for 4-wheel-drive versions.’