Definition of Torrens system in English:

Torrens system


  • A system of land title registration, adopted originally in Australia and later in some states of the US and Malaysia.

    • ‘Is there any room for the doctrine of easements of necessity in the Torrens system?’
    • ‘That raises the most fundamental question about the Torrens system.’
    • ‘Would that be done in Western Australia under the Torrens system?’
    • ‘There would be a further question that I think the Chief Justice flagged in that South Australian case it did not have to come to, namely, the effect of the Torrens system registration on the Pigot doctrine.’
    • ‘We are talking about the Torrens system, are we not?’
    • ‘So that Sealark has a form of legal title because the Federal Court's order gave it the title to the assets and the Corporations Law itself gave it the title to the assets, but it was not a title by registration under the Torrens system.’
    • ‘They are slightly different but the same - I mean, the working of indefeasibility under the Torrens system is the same, no matter what the provision, although the provisions are slightly different.’


Mid 19th century: named after Sir Robert Torrens (1814-84), third Premier of South Australia.


Torrens system