Definition of torque in English:



  • 1Mechanics
    mass noun A force that tends to cause rotation.

    ‘the three-litre engine has lots of torque’
    count noun ‘during the excitation of each phase the motor produces equal positive and negative torques’
    • ‘The in-line five features excellent midrange torque and lots of horsepower at the top end.’
    • ‘Once rolling is achieved, the RBCs near the plasma rich zone also encourage the continued rolling of the leukocyte, adding a normal force component and torque.’
    • ‘The most important joint-loading conditions that increased the force on the PCL graft were a varus moment and a coupled posterior drawer force and external rotation torque.’
    • ‘A key element in these force and torque balances is the hydrodynamic shear force and torque that the cell experiences when stationary on a planar surface.’
    • ‘Mechanical properties of biological samples have also been studied by applying a magnetic force or torque to magnetic beads adhering to the sample surface.’
    • ‘The direction for torque and therefore angular momentum is given by the right-hand-rule.’
    • ‘The orientation and length of each spring specifies the instantaneous force and torque exerted by that bond on the sphere and also its probability for breakage per unit time.’
    • ‘It is in this aquatic environment that the infant first encounters buoyant lift, gravitational pull and torque rotation.’
    • ‘It's better to change up early, relying on the strong low-down torque and excellent gearbox to keep you rolling along at a reasonable pace.’
    • ‘However, the C5's kerb weight of 1,440 kg is not excessive and the new diesel engine has substantial torque available from a lowly 1,750 rpm.’
    • ‘For the hinge problem, the necessary expressions for velocity profiles, force, and torque were derived, and are discussed in Appendix 2.’
    • ‘We evaluated the viscoelastic dynamics of actin filaments under the influence of enzyme-generated torque, stochastic Langevin force, and viscous drag.’
    • ‘Modern common-rail diesel engines generate huge torque which is simplistically described as the ‘amount of force an engine can produce to maintain forward momentum’.’
    • ‘Theoretically, an increased range of motion allows for an increased distance through which an active force can be applied, with a greater resultant force or torque.’
    • ‘In mechanical terms, the definition of torque is the force acting on an object that causes that object to rotate.’
    • ‘If these 50 bacteria are randomly distributed over the surface, each pointing an average of four flagella in random directions, the net force and torque produced would be zero.’
    • ‘During each squat technique, the researchers measured the amount of torque (angular force) acting on the knees and the hips.’
    • ‘Electrical motors can be used, but they tend not to generate a lot of force or torque.’
    • ‘The rate of change in the direction of the rotational axis is the ratio of torque to angular momentum and so gives a value for the precessional constant.’
    • ‘A two-stage spur gear transmits torque between the servomotor and the plasticizing screw.’
  • 2

    variant spelling of torc


  • Apply torque or a twisting force to (an object)

    ‘he gently torqued the hip joint’
    • ‘They engineered the lobes to fit in the middle of one another to take any kind of horizontal torquing a fall or an aid use might put on it.’
    • ‘The bolts fastening the intake manifold to the cylinder-head were torqued to a base value, and a holographic plate was exposed, developed, and reinserted into the CAHI system.’
    • ‘Only when that was done did the engine bay get reassembled, with washers of differing thicknesses being used so that when everything was torqued down, the screw slots all pointed in the same direction!’
    • ‘It is used with various socket extensions and torque multipliers for removing and torquing mechanical fasteners, such as bolts.’
    • ‘Stay in alignment and resist torquing your body when pulling the weight; this will keep the emphasis more on your lats.’
    • ‘The weight was also torquing my elbows and wrists.’
    • ‘So one of the differences between a two-bolt and a four-bolt is the total amount of force applied when torqued.’
    • ‘The unique design of the bow requires that the bow actually be torqued or twisted in full draw to make the arrow fly straight 4.’
    • ‘This is partly because the hip must be dislocated and, thus, the vein will be torqued and twisted to prepare the femur for the implant.’
    • ‘The image clearly showed that her knees were torqued inward.’
    • ‘I'm never on the full stretch and torquing the joints, knees and hips.’
    • ‘The 100 bhp on tap is torqued up to produce plenty of power early on, and 60 mph in under 10 seconds is not to be sniffed at.’
    • ‘Steel washers beneath the action screws and steel pillars in the stock keep the synthetic material from being compressed when the action screws are torqued into place.’
    • ‘The seal should cup the Achilles tendon firmly, bracing the heel while buckling the ball of your foot up and torquing your toes down.’
    • ‘Rotors get warped due to several reasons most common being overtorquing or unevenly torquing the lug nuts with an impact wrench.’
    • ‘These were then re-installed and we torqued the nuts.’
    • ‘Ensure clamps and fittings are torqued to the manufacturer's specifications for cold weather.’
    • ‘At least the clip-ons would be attached in two places and would have less leverage and force against them versus pulling on a wide handlebar and torquing it against the stem.’
    • ‘Yet it is a living document, and one that can be torqued around according to the biases of its interpreters.’
    • ‘Instead of the super-duper twist ending M.Night has become famous for, this picture is gently torqued throughout its length, creating a very smooth viewing experience.’


Late 19th century: from Latin torquere ‘to twist’.