Definition of torpedo tube in English:

torpedo tube


  • A tube in a submarine or other ship from which torpedoes are fired by the use of compressed air or an explosive charge.

    • ‘The torpedo tubes fire both torpedoes and shorter range anti-ship missiles, and a combination of some two dozen weapons are carried including the SS-N - 16 missile.’
    • ‘Two torpedo tubes are designed for firing remote-controlled torpedoes with a very high accuracy.’
    • ‘The exit went off without much trouble except for the turbulent ride that happened when she was shot out of the torpedo tube.’
    • ‘Fix its position while I contact the anterior torpedo tube.’
    • ‘The SM39 in a launch capsule is launched from the submarine's torpedo tubes using a gas generator.’
    • ‘It will have a solid rocket booster rather than the turbojet engine and be launched from a torpedo tube.’
    • ‘The launch and recovery of the reconnaissance vehicle is via a torpedo tube.’
    • ‘And it sounds like Seawolf is having a problem with one of her torpedo tube doors, sir.’
    • ‘Third, a PT-boat training gear - a cranking mechanism used to position a torpedo tube for firing - was identified next to the tube at the wreck site.’
    • ‘In 1900 the U.S. Navy acquired its first modern submarine, fitted with torpedo tubes and running submerged on electricity from storage batteries.’
    • ‘The torpedo tube launched Exocet SM39 anti-ship missile is manufactured by MBDA (formerly EADS Aerospatiale).’
    • ‘A diagram released by the Russian Navy shows the surrounding area littered with debris and major damage to the front of the submarine, raising the possibility that the Kursk sank rapidly after an explosion in a forward torpedo tube.’
    • ‘To the rear of the left torpedo tube, the flap is missing and the rudders and screw of one of the torpedoes are sticking out of the pipe.’
    • ‘On the port side an anchor winch and the remains of a single torpedo tube can be seen.’
    • ‘But luckily the gravitational fields of the newly formed Genesis Planet were still in flux, and they snared the far-flung torpedo tube, yielding a soft-landing on the surface.’
    • ‘Royal Navy ships were ordered without torpedo tubes, so by definition they were frigates, while their identical American sisters were destroyers.’
    • ‘The ship has ten torpedo tubes for 20 Vodopad-NK anti-submarine missiles or torpedoes.’
    • ‘From 30m away these were two impressive forms, tapering towards me, each ended with a huge 20-inch diameter torpedo tube hatch.’
    • ‘Almost at the stern a small rudder post is visible, then a cylindrical hole running back along the centre line of the hull is the stern torpedo tube.’
    • ‘The reactor was venting somewhat, and the torpedo tube doors were open but the torpedoes appeared intact.’