Definition of torpedo-like in English:



  • See torpedo

    • ‘The current carried us through these animated clouds, which were punctuated by oversized solitary creatures - here a Napoleon wrasse, there a barracuda and away from the wall torpedo-like tuna.’
    • ‘This contrasts with the torpedo-like attacks on the seal, suggesting that the shark's goal is not predation.’
    • ‘As custom called for, a week later Irol's body was sealed and loaded aboard a torpedo-like missile and therewith launched toward the Flaming Moon, where other Apathonian royals and war heroes throughout the ages had been laid to rest.’
    • ‘The roaring drone continued as the jet doubled back and soared over us, dropping a series of small black torpedo-like objects.’
    • ‘I had never seen a wrasse move so fast in my life, and looked up over the camera just in time to see a torpedo-like seal glide past in menacing pursuit.’
    • ‘It's their torpedo-like mobility, their impassivity and their highly polished armour-plating.’
    • ‘Its fuselage, elliptical in cross-section and torpedo-like in silhouette, refined the molded-plywood technique devised and patented ten years before.’
    • ‘The longtime Boat U.S. member of Alexandria, VA, was one of the judges who reviewed entries, from a one-person sub called Faux Fish, complete with articulating tail, to a red, six-sided torpedo-like sub called Miss FIT.’