Definition of toroid in English:



  • A figure of toroidal shape.

    • ‘The roof shapes are engaging, seemingly free-form, but are actually segments of a toroid (essentially, a donut).’
    • ‘Although there is still some controversy surrounding the exact reason for the formation of toroids, there is one fairly simple model that accounts for most of the properties of toroids and gives a simple prediction for their size.’
    • ‘Polyamines also induce the collapse of isolated long DNA chains from dilute solutions with formation of toroids showing a local hexagonal packing of DNA.’
    • ‘We then look at the case of a toroid compressed in the plane of the toroid.’
    • ‘Calculations showed that the flux features were nicely reproduced, provided the toroid was observed edge-on - but the polarization was much too strong.’
    • ‘DNA molecules shorter then the persistence length do not form structures like toroids, but their condensed phase is still ordered and has liquid-crystalline properties.’
    • ‘As an example of the benefits of toroids, consider a concave spherical mirror used to image an off-axis point.’
    • ‘Nectary tissue volume was calculated with the non-circular section toroids ' formula: V = 2 sr, where s = nectary sectional area and r = nectary radius measured from the sections' centre of gravity (n = 4 flowers per species).’
    • ‘The geometry of the house is based on that of an elliptical toroid.’
    • ‘The structural role of the toroid was assumed to be a pier to which two bracelets are fixed by 12 connections.’
    • ‘There's a particularly good 3D Objects tool, which lets you create modelled spheres, cubes, rectangles cones, pyramids, toroids and more effortlessly.’
    • ‘The five forms curve with or away from each other - both vertically and along their lengths in a flattened-S toroid form - to create a series of spooning or ovoid spaces.’
    • ‘Here we examine this in detail, first looking at the case of a circular toroid deformed into an ellipse.’
    • ‘Each one, curved in two directions, is a slice off the same part of a toroid, with the seven slices tilted around their long axes and arranged in a series of loosely overlapping shells.’
    • ‘The roof structures, supported by laminated wood beams and a mill deck structure, are generated by complementary toroids (which can be understood as the surface of a doughnut).’
    • ‘When stretched at fixed displacement, the toroid undergoes a transition from an ellipse to a tadpole regime.’
    • ‘A toroid generated by a circle; a surface having the shape of a doughnut.’
    • ‘Under some conditions, DNA toroids or rods are not uniformly smooth, but show globular substructure.’
    • ‘A remarkable feature of oligoamine-condensed DNA is the ability to assume condition-defined morphologies such as spheroids, toroids, and rods.’
    • ‘Electron microscopic analysis also indicated that the DNA was in a ring-like structure, probably toroids.’
    • ‘As far as I'm concerned, it's glazed toroids from here on out.’
    • ‘Yet another explanation is that DHPC diffuses along a continuous path consisting of the edges of bicelle disks or toroids in close edge-to-edge contact.’
    • ‘It is an asymmetrical oval slice of toroid, tilted out of the ground towards the south to catch the sun's heat.’
    • ‘The toroid adds additional optical power in the vertical direction to bring the two focal planes together.’
    • ‘In the previous section, a simple argument was presented to determine when toroids formed in bulk solution.’
    • ‘Polyelectrolytes having complete charge neutralization, like uncharged polymers in poor solvents, can collapse to toroids, rods, or spherical globules.’
    • ‘By contrast, the central region of Macrobdella Hb contains a hexagonal toroid at a resolution of 4 nm.’