Definition of toreador pants in English:

toreador pants

plural noun

North American
  • Women's tight-fitting calf-length trousers.

    • ‘Then there were Nancy's toreador pants (Ole!)’
    • ‘She is the woman with very short, dyed blonde hair and toreador pants and big hoop earrings and some sort of peasant blouse.’
    • ‘Once, Bert almost tripped over Sam, spinning around to admire a passing woman melted into tight turquoise toreador pants, a jeweled white sweater, and heavy make-up, including bee-stung lips covered with pale, nearly white lipstick.’
    • ‘She frustrates her teenage daughter's ‘passion for ordinariness’ by dressing for Parents' Day at school in ‘tapestried toreador pants and a Pucci pink silk sweater and a Mexican serape’.’