Definition of torchbearer in English:



  • 1A person who carries a ceremonial torch.

    • ‘They carefully maneuvered around the body and the blood to avoid getting any on themselves, then followed the torch-bearer to what had previously been Darmain's cell.’
    • ‘In Los Angeles, one of the torch-bearers was the oldest living Greek Olympian.’
    • ‘She has even agreed to be one of the final torch-bearers at this year's Olympic Games in Athens.’
    • ‘Whip-crackers lead the way for the two-kilometre long procession, beating the road with their whips to herald the procession, while torch-bearers, with copra lamps held high, pour a magic and romantic light onto the spectacle.’
    • ‘The dead queen's coffin, draped in black velvet on an open car, was drawn to Westminster by six horses through streets lined with torch-bearers.’
    • ‘The final torch-bearer was the greatest distance runner and a native Finn.’
    • ‘The silver medalist at the Atlanta Games four years ago was the final torch-bearer entrusted with lighting the Olympic cauldron.’
    • ‘Hundreds of other torch-bearers dressed in colourful costumes will follow.’
    • ‘There were little torch-bearers who declared the ‘mini Olympic’ open, there was a march past as part of the event and even cheerleaders.’
    • ‘The talented dancer will have the world's gaze on her when she becomes one of the torch-bearers carrying the Olympic flame through London.’
    • ‘After weeks of speculation, it has been decided that he will be the final Olympic torch-bearer in the Sydney leg of the Athens torch relay.’
    • ‘This was the institution of mysteries, with hierophants [chief priests] and torch-bearers complete.’
    • ‘The Bulgarian itinerary for the Olympic Torch Relay will include 25 selected torch-bearers of all professional backgrounds, and ages varying from 14 to 80.’
    • ‘He was selected as one of Britain's 80 torch-bearers in his role as a member of amateur cross-country club, South London Harriers.’
    • ‘At a signal from Geiseric, torch-bearers in scarlet silk appeared out of the shadows and stood in a ring around the gaming-space below the king's table, like the floor of a miniature amphitheater.’
    advocate, proponent, promoter, proposer, supporter, standard-bearer, torch-bearer, defender, protector, upholder, backer, exponent, patron, sponsor, prime mover
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    1. 1.1A person who leads or inspires others in working towards a valued goal.
      ‘some of the original feminist torchbearers’
      • ‘Her role has been that of a supporter and torch-bearer of all issues regarding others, except her.’
      • ‘The tabloids - bless those torch-bearers of journalistic integrity - called it outrageous and sleazy.’
      • ‘This unique group are the torch-bearers of the traditional culture of these celebrated and almost mythical islands of the West of Ireland.’
      • ‘Their catalog is exceedingly effects-laden, perhaps too experimental for pop purists, but much too tuneful for diehard psychedelic torch-bearers.’
      • ‘The country to show that it has embraced democracy should be a torch-bearer in promoting dialogue.’
      • ‘Tonight, as the body of Pope John Paul II lies in state, the world continues to mourn this remarkable man, a torch-bearer of peace and a bridge-builder between faiths, someone who inspired so many.’
      • ‘Despite her own courageous fundraising, her thoughts turned afterwards to other torch-bearers she had met, including the ex-boxer who was left brain-damaged after a fight 13 years ago.’
      • ‘While the prospects for a successful challenge through the courts or via the FA appear increasingly forlorn, the south-west London torch-bearers undoubtedly have one major advantage: commercial clout.’
      • ‘Writers, who are considered as the torch-bearers of modernism in Malayalam literature, were launched almost at the same time.’
      • ‘That said, Pop's jam sessions with today's torch-bearers aren't, as one would fear, pathetic indicators of a musical mid-life crisis.’
      • ‘A bright-eyed and smiling torch-bearer, she leads the only private, non-profit organisation devoted to on-site conservation of monuments and sites worldwide.’
      • ‘Vedanta and KCM, being the good partners they have proved, should be torch-bearers in helping realise such a dream.’
      • ‘Local legends invariably eulogize a small band of the faithful who arrive as torch-bearers of the faith in the hostile terrain and face the resistance of the infidel populace.’
      • ‘In a sport beset by serious doping problems, he was always regarded as a torch-bearer.’
      • ‘Many torch-bearers of human rights and social activists paid the price of fearlessly treading the path of political justice with their lives.’
      • ‘They were the people who were to become - within a decade - the torch-bearers of Celtic Tiger Ireland.’
      • ‘But they are wrong to believe he was a torch-bearer of post-existentialist philosophy.’
      • ‘The insistence on the exclusion of English has become, as of now, a sort of status symbol, a touchstone of supremacy and learning, to many of our linguistic torch-bearers, not to speak of their avowed predilection for regionalism.’
      • ‘They are convicted and must, if the US people are to reclaim their until now unchallenged position as torch-bearers for a better world, be booted out of office at the earliest opportunity.’
      • ‘The refreshingly younger torch-bearers of York jazz continue their regular jam sessions on Sunday night at the Black Swan, Peasholme Green.’
      pioneer, trailblazer, groundbreaker, experimenter, trendsetter, front runner, leader, leading light, guiding light, torch-bearer, pacemaker, originator, instigator, initiator, innovator, avant-gardist, developer, creator, discoverer, founder, founding father, architect
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