Definition of toquilla in English:



  • 1A palmlike tree, native to South America.

    Carludovica palmata

    1. 1.1mass noun The fibre obtained from the toquilla tree, used especially to make panama hats.
      • ‘He has been harvesting toquilla straw for most of his fifty years, traveling ten miles inland with other straw cutters to areas where the plant grows, including hillsides where each family has been assigned a lot.’
      • ‘Others would like to legally restrict usage of the very name ‘Panama hat’ so that it would apply only to genuine toquilla straw hats woven in Ecuador.’
      • ‘But do not mistake any straw hat for a panama hat: only genuine panama hats are handcrafted and made from toquilla straw, ensuring the highest quality and a modern look.’
      • ‘As aforementioned, genuine panama hats are made of toquilla straw, and the Ecuadorian weaving process is extremely laborious.’


Late 19th century: from an American Spanish use of Spanish toquilla ‘small gauze headdress’, diminutive of toca ‘toque’.